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Visitor Information Zone (VIZ) is an exciting new content push solution delivering your personalised content to your captive audience in your targeted location.

Initially developed for the Tourism Industry, VIZ is a modern digital information service direct to smart devices via WiFi technology without the need for Data, an App, Internet and available grid power.

In the INFOZONE your audience has free access to your content instantly and effortlessly!

Main benefits of VIZ


Visitor information


Tourism marketing


Business exposure


Works with or without network coverage


No need to download an App


Online booking platforms can be integrated


Provides immediate viewing


4K video quality

VIZ in the media

Watch the video
7 News discusses about the technology used to enable visitors to access VIZ – Visitor Information Zone (formerly Totem WiFi)

How does Visitor Information Zone work?

Step 1
Step 2
Manage media content
Step 3
Publish media
on the USB device
Step 4

Plug into your VIZ

Step 5
Public users
have access to media using wi-fi enabled device

Remote upload service is available to update VIZ units with internet connectivity.

What the public see

“When connected to VIZ, visitors get all the information they need immediately on their own device in highly engaging formats like 4k video.

This enhanced experience is resulting in increased bookings driving higher revenue. VIZ has been a game changer for us and our visitors.”

–Sandy Hammat/ Kangaroo Island Visitor Information Centre

VIZ Infobot Flyer

(PDF, 22MB)

Sizing chart
Efficient solution to providing up-to-date sizing charts

Record your catch
Collect data on fishing caught in the area.

Promote local eateries
Fishing requires patience and time. Giving uses the opportunity to make the most of the info.
Safety Information
Update information in line with the weather of each season.
Walking Tracks
Give tourists a detailed map in the palm of their hands
Dream time Stories
Play videos of locals telling dreamtime stories

Great way to provide an alternative to signage.

Natural attractions
Find the nearest rest stops.
Customisable Themes
Change the background and icons of your interface.
Hikers can have a map with different trails to vary their experience
Improve the experience of hiking with critical informatinon about your hiking trail.
Hiking trails
Improve sponsorship opportunities by providing advertisement space.
Food and Drink
A handy guide that lets people know what catering is available.
Event Info
Provide more information and insight about your event.
Increase revenue at your shows and events by letting customers know what's happening!
Shows & events
Make sure no one on board gets hungry.
Customisable header
Make your interface unique with a customisable title and banner
Give Insight
Improve the ferry experience by showcasing attractions to look out for.
While on board, people can find out useful information about the trip in the palm of their hands.
Provide fixtures, results and tables
Push out information easily through newsletters.
What’s new?
Deliver important messages

Broadcast your message to parents at events, trainings and gameday


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